PSA - California Air Tools Compressor Manifold Air Leak

** Public Service Announcement ** July 9, 2019 **

We recently ran into an issue with our California Air Tools compressor (model 100020C).  It started off as a small audible leak that gradually increased over 5 minutes to sound as if you had pulled the relief valve.   Figured I'd post up a way to possibly minimize this from happening in the future.

This is one reason I always tell folks to turn off your compressor when you are not going to be around.  Had this have happened while I was on vacation my compressor would have been toast or worst yet, caught fire! 

(*** Note - Cool CNC Stuff is not responsible for any problems or events caused by any person following our recommendations and or instructions.  Follow at your own risk.  This fix is not endorsed or approved by California Air Tools or Master Tool Repair. If in doubt, seek professional assistance with your repair. ***)

Link to the compressor: California Air Tools

I will add pictures of the repair just as soon as I can.  Sorry about not posting the full instructions.  Cliff Notes on this is to remove the regulator and clean/re-grease the spring and seals.  Mine had rusted and pitted the manifold so bad that the seals would no longer work.

Link to the parts I ordered: