Hallmark Design - Thread Express

Link to one of the best products I've ever purchased

Click here for a link to their page all about the probe

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How To Purchase

(information copied from their site)

Price is US$695.00  plus shipping. 

International Courier:  Insured and tracked to USA,Canada and UK is US$45.00. 5-10 working days (Australia is US$40.00) Email me for a quote to other countries. Please be aware that some countries for example the UK, may apply import duties or taxes. 

If you wish to proceed with the purchase please email me (click here) let me know your shipping name, address (a phone number is good for added security) and your Paypal email address if you have one.  I will initiate a invoice in US$ with Paypal who will email you a link for payment. 

I will email you confirmation when payment has been received, and link you to the operators manual. Your Probe will usually be shipped within two working days of payment.

Cliff Hall   Director 
Hallmark Design Ltd